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How Temporary Recruitment can be Beneficial to the Employer and the Candidate

Jack Hastings

Temporary recruitment is an option that can be very suitable and beneficial to both the candidate and the employer. During my short recruitment career so far, I have found that when explaining the process to hiring managers, it is always welcomed with a great deal of interest and sometimes disbelief that they have not used the temporary process previously.

Often candidates would try to steer clear from temporary recruitment as they are looking for something more secure. In contrast to that thought process, there are career temporary candidates who have nothing but good things to say about the process and have made it their career.

When to use a Temporary Candidate?

·         Sickness cover – Employee out sick during a busy period and need cover for a few days/weeks/months.

·         Resignation – If an employee resigns you generally only have a month to find that next great candidate. Bringing in a temp for a couple of weeks gives you more time to find that unicorn candidate and allows a smooth handover period.

·         Maternity leave – Top temp candidates are really suitable for 9-month spells coming in and filling in for somebody along with having experience in giving a good handover back to permanent staff.

·         Project – If you are taking on a new project, like for example the implementation of new systems and you are unsure of the time period. Temporary recruitment for a short spell can be a brilliant move.

·         Role uncertainty – If you are trying out a new role in the company, a temp gives you the option to test it out without committing to a long-term contract.

·         Holiday cover – Someone taking a couple of weeks leave during a busy period.

·         Specialist Skills – If you need someone with specialist skills that your current employees do not have but for a short period of time.


Benefits to Employer

·         Speed – The temp market is a fast-paced world. We pride ourselves to have some of our best candidates’ CVs in front of the employer within 24 hours.

·         Working interview – We do the working interview where the candidate will go into work the first couple of hours and if not the right fit, we will cover the cost, or you get to witness them in a hands-on environment and keep them on. It rules out the time constraints of the interview process.

·         Notice period – As it is a short-term contract there is only a 1-day notice period that the employer needs to give the employee.

·         Payment process – In a temp contract we look after all the payroll as they are technically EIRKOO employees. There is no need for any payment procedures.

·         Future leaders – 36% of managers start off as temporary staff.

·         Try before you buy – If uncertain about a candidate, you can take them on as a temp, then convert them to permanent if they are good enough.

·         Save training costs – The candidates will be already fully trained and will just need a short handover period.


Benefits to the Candidate

·         Learn new skills and systems by involving yourself in different environments.

·         Having numerous good references form many respected employers.

·         Short notice periods. Not locked into a 4-8 week notice period if the environment is not suitable for you.

·         Work in many varied and interesting work environments.

·         Learn off different mentors and managers in contrasting industries.  


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