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Start your Talent Search Now!

As the new year is approaching, law firms and corporate legal departments are presented with a strategic opportunity that could define their success in 2024: beginning the talent search now, in December. While many wait until the new year to commence their hiring initiatives, those who act swiftly can establish a significant competitive advantage. Here’s why starting your legal talent search in December isn't just proactive—it's paramount.

1. Get Ahead of the Competition & Beat the January Rush

December is a prime window for attracting top legal talent. With fewer firms actively recruiting, the pool of high-caliber candidates is less diluted, allowing you to engage with those who might be considering a change, but are not yet inundated with offers. This period before the January rush is golden—candidates are more accessible, and the competition is less intense.


2. Quality Over Quantity

Rushed hiring decisions in January often result in compromises. By starting your search in December, you afford yourself the necessary time to delve deep into the pool of candidates, ensuring that your shortlist is comprised of individuals whose expertise and ethos resonate with your firm's values and vision. This thoughtful approach prioritises the quality of your hires over the speed of your hiring.



3. Smooth Onboarding

The holiday season offers a natural period for reflection and transition. New hires can benefit from a slower pace, allowing them to assimilate into your team and culture without the pressure that comes with the start-of-year bustle. By the time January arrives, these individuals are already well-versed in your operations and ready to take on the challenges of the new year.


4. Strategic Planning

Utilising December for recruitment allows you to align your talent strategy with your business goals for the coming year. You can map out your anticipated needs, considering both immediate and long-term positions that will enhance your firm's capabilities. This foresight ensures you're not just filling vacancies, but shaping a robust team that will drive your success.


5. Maximise Productivity

By assembling your team early, you're positioned to hit the ground running as soon as the calendar flips. There's no lag time in productivity—your new hires are onboarded, engaged, and contributing to the firm's objectives. In a sector where billable hours are pivotal, this seamless transition can have a tangible impact on your bottom line.


Summing up, December hiring in the legal sector isn't just a preemptive strike against the January hiring frenzy — it's a calculated move towards efficiency and excellence. By acting now, you ensure that your firm is not just prepared for the new year, but already in motion towards achieving its goals. At Eirkoo, we specialise in connecting distinguished firms with exceptional legal talent. Start your search with us today, and set a course for a prosperous 2024.


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